"It can't be done."

"The technology doesn't exist."

"You can't get the resolution we need."

"It will be too slow."

"It's too expensive."

"We don't have the time for a custom solution."

We are driven by the impossible problem. The challenge they told you could not be won. The challenge that could change your business, your industry, your life.

We are ready to solve it. Are you?

Some challenges we've already solved:


  • Monitor a 2,500 ft2 outdoor area and automatically detect, image, and measure random (unknown) objects moving in this area in any direction, at speeds approaching 100MpH. And do it for objects as small as 0.125" day or night, in the rain, snow, fog, at temperatures ranging from -60°F to 120°F while ignoring known moving objects in the same area.


  • Design a secure workflow for digital images transmitted from space to be printed, analyzed, and stored indefinitely.


  • Design and build an automated machine to inspect black rubber seals, finding defects as small as 0.002" and do it in less than 5 seconds with no operator.


  • Design a high-speed automated inspection system to inspect twisted cable for damage, and do it when the cable is completely covered in mud, sand, and other contaminants making it impossible to inspect visually.


  • Use massively parallel supercomputing methods to gain exponential performance improvements in a complex signal processing system.


  • Build a system to automatically compare an unrestricted number of images using facial recognition, to find, not just the "right" image, but the one that best shows the subject using factors such as facial expression.


  • Create an automated system to handle and deliver tens of thousands of products daily.


  • Create a high-speed storage system with unparalleled search and retrieval times for tens of millions of image files.


  • Design and build an analytic chemistry system to analyze chemicals used in a proprietary process.


"XYZ already tried this

and they couldn't do it."

We've heard it all before.

We do it anyway.


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