Audio Processing

We've developed audio processing tools for frequency analysis and signature recognition as well as processing algorithms to identify and eliminate artifacts.

High-Speed 3D Detection and Imaging

This image shows a 1/4-20 nut falling at approximately 76mph 12 feet from the camera. The nut was detected and imaged in less than 70ms.

Segmentation & Recognition

We develop 2D and 3D Image Analysis Tools to locate, identify, and analyze objects in an image, no matter if the object is an organ or bone  in an X-Ray or CAT scan or fish in a sonar feed.

Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition algorithms can use a database of registered photographs to identify passengers in a crowd, help customer service reps greet returning customers, or identify employees at a secure entrance.

Compositing & Render Engines

We've built render engines to create complex composites, PostScript documents, apply color management, and more. We've developed best-fit algorithms in our render systems to fill a given area with multiple sizes and quantities of images.


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